Path of Totality: Legacies


California 1986

Sam is called from his mother’s deathbed to deal with a necromancer.


Sam returns home to see his dying mother in Sacramento CA. He learns some dark family secrets, most notably that his brother-in-law Todd has been abusing his son James while Sam’s eldest sister turns a blind eye. Before Sam can deal with the situation Blackfeather calls him and Jesse to deal with a necromancer in San Francisco.

In SF, Sam and Jesse recover one of the necromancer’s marked corpses from the morgue and turn it over to the Tribe’s cleanup crew for eventual destruction. Confronting the necromancer, they discover that it is Kranikov, the Russian colonel present when Sam first turned to a werewolf in Mexico. More importantly, Kranikov is no mere necromancer and might be one of the Fallen. He offers to cure Sam’s mother and transfer the illness to his abusive brother-in-law. Wisely, Sam declines.

Realizing, there is likely more to that corpse than met the eye, Jess and Sam pelt off to catch up with the Tribe clean-up crew. They discover the van destroyed and sitting within a pentagram of fire. Sam is able to follow the trail of the corpse to a small desert town.

Animated, the corpse is able to incite others to “Eat of my flesh” which in turn, infects them into flesh eating ghouls capable of infecting others. Local law enforcement has been infected and Sam must do battle with the animated corpse in addition to four ghouls. In a hard won fight, Sam destroys the Ghouls and lures the corpse to a ritual circle Jess has constructed to counteract Kranikov’s necromancy.

Back at his mother’s house, Sam and Jesse learn that Todd has died of a massive heart attack and his mother seems to be making a miraculous recovery… cue dark music.

Points of note:
1. Kranikov might be one of the Fallen!
2. The samurai sword Sam’s father took back from the war was sold at a garage sale to Demetrius Rezek of Concords and Legacies
3. Sam’s family: Mother Ruth, sisters Blair (now dead husband Todd and son James), Caroline (gay – clearly the most stable and friendly to Sam) and Nadine (husband Bill and daughters Samantha and Jennifer.)
4. Sam’s family is aware of his curse and that the “Indians” helped him to get it under control.
5. Kranikov mentions something called the Venatori Umbrorum – a former church organization that is like a mix of the CIA, Black Ops and the Arcanum



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