Path of Totality: Legacies

Inside Men

Episode 1.4

Exhausted and looking to sleep it off, Lucas arrives back at his apartment only to be accosted by an old acquaintance from his days running with Lionel’s gang. Dave Seville forces him upstairs at gunpoint. Lucas’ flippant manner works against him as he unknowingly invites the possessed man into his home. They struggle, but in the end Lucas is taken over by the spirit as a means to get close to “the necromancer.”

Erik, shocked to discover he is the source of the spirits’ power surge, flees the cemetery. Some manner of energy is connecting into him and then fragmenting into every spirit in the vicinity.

At his apartment he confines himself to a magic circle to shut off any energy flowing in and out. With room to breath he comes to understand that the spirits are gaining in power exponentially and that by dawn many of them will transform into fully manifested specters. New Orleans is going to have a very bad day if he cannot conceive of some way to halt the energy flow.

Lucas arrives and tries to kill Erik. With his spirit magic, Erik is able to free Lucas from the ghostly possession. From what Lucas can remember, there are a horde of possessed humans converging on them – all directed by some ancient spirit that believes if they kill the necromancer (Erik) they will both retain their new power and be set free.

Erik needs help to perform a ritual powerful enough to stop whatever is happening. He can think of no other option so they head out to meet Mother Nightshade in the bayou…

Characters of note:
Mother Nightshade (mentioned only)- powerful voodoo practitioner who holds court out in the bayou.
Ancient Spirit (mentioned only)- a mysterious entity that is intent on killing Erik
David Seville – former associate of Lucas – from Lionel’s gang



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