Path of Totality: Legacies

Welcome to Samarra

Episode 1.1 - 1.2

When a local family experiences a violent ghostly manifestation in their home, Mother Nightshade refers them to Erik Visser. Reluctant at first, Erik discovers a particularly malevolent spirit capable of physically harming the little girl in the house (Carolina.)

He confronts the spirit who explains her hatred for the family now living in her home and that they stole a necklace of hers. On further investigation, Erik learns that the older daughter’s boyfriend discovered the necklace and pawned it for drug money. If he can return the necklace, the spirit agreed to leave the family alone.

Erik recruits Lucas to help him search the local crack house for the boyfriend. They find him, but he’s been killed and the house is thick with violently angry spirits who drive the local drug dealer to extreme violence. Erik is unable to interrogate the ghost of the now dead boyfriend and Lucas is left Mentally Wiped from his encounter with the spirits.

Convinced that there are larger forces at play, Erik is now less concerned about helping one family and worried of what this could mean for New Orleans as a whole…

Characters of note:
Family – Mother Henrietta, little girl Carolina, unnamed teen daughter and Otis, the drunk who lives nearby.

Drug house – Robert, drug dealer (severely injured or killed by Erik), Bubba, thug (severely injured or killed by Erik.)



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