Path of Totality: Legacies

The Source of My Power

Episode 1.5

Mother Nightshade advises Erik to seek the source of the power first before deciding how to deal with it.

Erik and Lucas travel far out to the wilds of Maurepas to perform a ritual that will allow Erik to home in on the source of power using him as a conduit. It points them back into the heart of New Orleans proper.

On the way they are pulled over by a police car. The deputy tries to kill Erik, but Lucas knocks him down before stabbing him to death.

Shaken by the confrontation, they head into the French Quarter, fending off dozens of possessed people who try to accost them. Finally they are lead to Concords and Legacies. On the way past the store threshold Erik’s power is severely negated and his connection to the necrotic energy source is cut off.

Erik recognizes the shop as belonging to his family. Demetrius (Erik’s cousin) appears and tells them that Eric’s uncle Loqure (patriarch of the family) has died leaving Erik as Heir to the Family business.

It ends with Demetrius saying, “You may have been summoned here, but it was not I who did it.”



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