Path of Totality: Legacies

The Vault

Rituals and Bonds

Demetrius explains that Erik must take up the mantle of the house – otherwise the power will run wild and eventually lead to his demise.

Additionally, Lucas has seen too much. He must either be bonded to Erik as his Aide de Camp or be killed.

Erik chooses and Lucas is impaled by one of the swords on the wall of the shop. Demetrius explains that Erik must take the sword and in so doing he will know how to finish the bond.

Grasping the slender, thin bladed long sword, Erik’s consciousness melds with the intelligence of the sword. He cuts his hand and speaks the words of a ritual – the blade turns molten hot and he quarterizes the wound, burning his own blood into Lucas.

Heartbeats later, Lucas gasps back to life and Demetrius leads them to the Vault in the basement – perhaps the only basement in New Orleans.

The vault is a massive cube that seems carved from a single meteorite. It is carved with ancient cuniform symbols. Demetrius explains that Erik must enter and control the ancient entity within – it is the source of all the family’s power and no one who has entered has ever exited unchanged.

Erik opens the door and enters…



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