Path of Totality: Legacies

What the dead are so upset about

Episode 1.3

Lucas discovers that the necklace was pawned at a new shop called Concords and Legacies. Still under construction, Lucas meets Demetrius Rezek, the proprietor and convinces him that the amulet belongs to his aunt and the boy who sold it was not the real owner. Rezek agrees to give it back as long as they can tell him what is inscribed on the back, but shocks Lucas when he notes that he knows the real owner is “no longer of this Earth” and that he will need to hear from the person who can talk to her.

To end a strange day, Lucas is picked up by Chief Willis Cole who proceeds to question him about Mr. Rezek and his shop. He tells Lucas he would be very interested in any information about this new shop before kicking him to the curb.

After nightfall, Erik hatches his plan to locate the source of power affecting the spirits of the city. He contacts the Chief, an old soldier spirit from the War of 1812 and solicits his help in protecting him while he conducts his ritual.

Once completed, Erik sees that the Chief is doing battle against dozens of spirits all hell bent on attacking him. With his newly enchanted glasses Erik can now see that the energy making these spirits nearly tangible is Erik himself…

Characters of note:
Jean Devereaux – Lucas spotted the “old money millionaire” coming out of Concords and Legacies holding a mysterious package
Demetrius Rezek – proprietor of Concords and Legacies
Chief Willis Cole – Chief of NOPD
The Chief – Spirit of a soldier from the War of 1812 who guards Lafayette cemetery and is presently helping Erik



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