Path of Totality: Legacies

The Vault
Rituals and Bonds

Demetrius explains that Erik must take up the mantle of the house – otherwise the power will run wild and eventually lead to his demise.

Additionally, Lucas has seen too much. He must either be bonded to Erik as his Aide de Camp or be killed.

Erik chooses and Lucas is impaled by one of the swords on the wall of the shop. Demetrius explains that Erik must take the sword and in so doing he will know how to finish the bond.

Grasping the slender, thin bladed long sword, Erik’s consciousness melds with the intelligence of the sword. He cuts his hand and speaks the words of a ritual – the blade turns molten hot and he quarterizes the wound, burning his own blood into Lucas.

Heartbeats later, Lucas gasps back to life and Demetrius leads them to the Vault in the basement – perhaps the only basement in New Orleans.

The vault is a massive cube that seems carved from a single meteorite. It is carved with ancient cuniform symbols. Demetrius explains that Erik must enter and control the ancient entity within – it is the source of all the family’s power and no one who has entered has ever exited unchanged.

Erik opens the door and enters…

The Source of My Power
Episode 1.5

Mother Nightshade advises Erik to seek the source of the power first before deciding how to deal with it.

Erik and Lucas travel far out to the wilds of Maurepas to perform a ritual that will allow Erik to home in on the source of power using him as a conduit. It points them back into the heart of New Orleans proper.

On the way they are pulled over by a police car. The deputy tries to kill Erik, but Lucas knocks him down before stabbing him to death.

Shaken by the confrontation, they head into the French Quarter, fending off dozens of possessed people who try to accost them. Finally they are lead to Concords and Legacies. On the way past the store threshold Erik’s power is severely negated and his connection to the necrotic energy source is cut off.

Erik recognizes the shop as belonging to his family. Demetrius (Erik’s cousin) appears and tells them that Eric’s uncle Loqure (patriarch of the family) has died leaving Erik as Heir to the Family business.

It ends with Demetrius saying, “You may have been summoned here, but it was not I who did it.”

Inside Men
Episode 1.4

Exhausted and looking to sleep it off, Lucas arrives back at his apartment only to be accosted by an old acquaintance from his days running with Lionel’s gang. Dave Seville forces him upstairs at gunpoint. Lucas’ flippant manner works against him as he unknowingly invites the possessed man into his home. They struggle, but in the end Lucas is taken over by the spirit as a means to get close to “the necromancer.”

Erik, shocked to discover he is the source of the spirits’ power surge, flees the cemetery. Some manner of energy is connecting into him and then fragmenting into every spirit in the vicinity.

At his apartment he confines himself to a magic circle to shut off any energy flowing in and out. With room to breath he comes to understand that the spirits are gaining in power exponentially and that by dawn many of them will transform into fully manifested specters. New Orleans is going to have a very bad day if he cannot conceive of some way to halt the energy flow.

Lucas arrives and tries to kill Erik. With his spirit magic, Erik is able to free Lucas from the ghostly possession. From what Lucas can remember, there are a horde of possessed humans converging on them – all directed by some ancient spirit that believes if they kill the necromancer (Erik) they will both retain their new power and be set free.

Erik needs help to perform a ritual powerful enough to stop whatever is happening. He can think of no other option so they head out to meet Mother Nightshade in the bayou…

Characters of note:
Mother Nightshade (mentioned only)- powerful voodoo practitioner who holds court out in the bayou.
Ancient Spirit (mentioned only)- a mysterious entity that is intent on killing Erik
David Seville – former associate of Lucas – from Lionel’s gang

What the dead are so upset about
Episode 1.3

Lucas discovers that the necklace was pawned at a new shop called Concords and Legacies. Still under construction, Lucas meets Demetrius Rezek, the proprietor and convinces him that the amulet belongs to his aunt and the boy who sold it was not the real owner. Rezek agrees to give it back as long as they can tell him what is inscribed on the back, but shocks Lucas when he notes that he knows the real owner is “no longer of this Earth” and that he will need to hear from the person who can talk to her.

To end a strange day, Lucas is picked up by Chief Willis Cole who proceeds to question him about Mr. Rezek and his shop. He tells Lucas he would be very interested in any information about this new shop before kicking him to the curb.

After nightfall, Erik hatches his plan to locate the source of power affecting the spirits of the city. He contacts the Chief, an old soldier spirit from the War of 1812 and solicits his help in protecting him while he conducts his ritual.

Once completed, Erik sees that the Chief is doing battle against dozens of spirits all hell bent on attacking him. With his newly enchanted glasses Erik can now see that the energy making these spirits nearly tangible is Erik himself…

Characters of note:
Jean Devereaux – Lucas spotted the “old money millionaire” coming out of Concords and Legacies holding a mysterious package
Demetrius Rezek – proprietor of Concords and Legacies
Chief Willis Cole – Chief of NOPD
The Chief – Spirit of a soldier from the War of 1812 who guards Lafayette cemetery and is presently helping Erik

Welcome to Samarra
Episode 1.1 - 1.2

When a local family experiences a violent ghostly manifestation in their home, Mother Nightshade refers them to Erik Visser. Reluctant at first, Erik discovers a particularly malevolent spirit capable of physically harming the little girl in the house (Carolina.)

He confronts the spirit who explains her hatred for the family now living in her home and that they stole a necklace of hers. On further investigation, Erik learns that the older daughter’s boyfriend discovered the necklace and pawned it for drug money. If he can return the necklace, the spirit agreed to leave the family alone.

Erik recruits Lucas to help him search the local crack house for the boyfriend. They find him, but he’s been killed and the house is thick with violently angry spirits who drive the local drug dealer to extreme violence. Erik is unable to interrogate the ghost of the now dead boyfriend and Lucas is left Mentally Wiped from his encounter with the spirits.

Convinced that there are larger forces at play, Erik is now less concerned about helping one family and worried of what this could mean for New Orleans as a whole…

Characters of note:
Family – Mother Henrietta, little girl Carolina, unnamed teen daughter and Otis, the drunk who lives nearby.

Drug house – Robert, drug dealer (severely injured or killed by Erik), Bubba, thug (severely injured or killed by Erik.)

California 1986

Sam is called from his mother’s deathbed to deal with a necromancer.


Sam returns home to see his dying mother in Sacramento CA. He learns some dark family secrets, most notably that his brother-in-law Todd has been abusing his son James while Sam’s eldest sister turns a blind eye. Before Sam can deal with the situation Blackfeather calls him and Jesse to deal with a necromancer in San Francisco.

In SF, Sam and Jesse recover one of the necromancer’s marked corpses from the morgue and turn it over to the Tribe’s cleanup crew for eventual destruction. Confronting the necromancer, they discover that it is Kranikov, the Russian colonel present when Sam first turned to a werewolf in Mexico. More importantly, Kranikov is no mere necromancer and might be one of the Fallen. He offers to cure Sam’s mother and transfer the illness to his abusive brother-in-law. Wisely, Sam declines.

Realizing, there is likely more to that corpse than met the eye, Jess and Sam pelt off to catch up with the Tribe clean-up crew. They discover the van destroyed and sitting within a pentagram of fire. Sam is able to follow the trail of the corpse to a small desert town.

Animated, the corpse is able to incite others to “Eat of my flesh” which in turn, infects them into flesh eating ghouls capable of infecting others. Local law enforcement has been infected and Sam must do battle with the animated corpse in addition to four ghouls. In a hard won fight, Sam destroys the Ghouls and lures the corpse to a ritual circle Jess has constructed to counteract Kranikov’s necromancy.

Back at his mother’s house, Sam and Jesse learn that Todd has died of a massive heart attack and his mother seems to be making a miraculous recovery… cue dark music.

Points of note:
1. Kranikov might be one of the Fallen!
2. The samurai sword Sam’s father took back from the war was sold at a garage sale to Demetrius Rezek of Concords and Legacies
3. Sam’s family: Mother Ruth, sisters Blair (now dead husband Todd and son James), Caroline (gay – clearly the most stable and friendly to Sam) and Nadine (husband Bill and daughters Samantha and Jennifer.)
4. Sam’s family is aware of his curse and that the “Indians” helped him to get it under control.
5. Kranikov mentions something called the Venatori Umbrorum – a former church organization that is like a mix of the CIA, Black Ops and the Arcanum


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